Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series Track And Aero Packages Revealed

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series Track And Aero Packages Revealed

Last week we were treated to Mercedes-Benz‘s release of the C63 AMG Black Series, and this week we’re treated to photos of the track and aero package that will be options available to C63 AMG Black Series owners. The goal of either package (or both) is to enhance the already awesome driving experience the C63 AMG Black Series will offer, allowing customers to not only make their C63 look different but perform much more aggressively on the track.

Starting with the track package, the C63 AMG Black Series will be outfitted with 255/35/19 (front) and 285/30/19 (rear) Dunlop rubber. Noticeably missing from the press release was a model for the Dunlop tires, but AMG did elaborate by stating that the tires were specifically designed for the C63 Black Series and are guaranteed to enhance gripping performance. Additional reliability comes from active rear-axle transmission cooling. The cooler is located in the rear apron allowing airflow to pass through it efficiently.

The Aero Package will outfit the already aggressive C63 Black Series with a pair of carbon fiber splitters on each side. The front splitter, also constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, is functionally tuned on the Aero Package, while the rear gets an adjustable rear spoiler for track use. All of these components have been tuned to enhance the Black Series’ aerodynamic performance.

Unfortunately no pricing was announced for the packages, but we’re guessing if you’re already OK with the C63 AMG Black Series’ MSRP of around $165,000 – a few thousand more for enhanced performance won’t be much.

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series Track and Aero Package

mercedes_benz_c63_black_series_with_track_and_aero_package_2.jpg mercedes_benz_c63_black_series_with_track_and_aero_package_3.jpg mercedes_benz_c63_black_series_with_track_and_aero_package_4.jpg mercedes_benz_c63_black_series_with_track_and_aero_package_5.jpg mercedes_benz_c63_black_series_with_track_and_aero_package_8.jpg mercedes_benz_c63_black_series_with_track_and_aero_package_9.jpg

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    Looks great! I always liked the white paint, black rims and red calipers.

  • Kholofelo

    I realy love Mercedesbenz with all of my heart. i realy believe sendng me any new realease will impress me a lot.

  • Maximus


  • James

    Have a C-350 love it the black series looks GREAT but white doesn’t do anything for it ,it should be black or red.I would trade up if it wasn’t for the gas mileage its a toy not an everyday driver wish I could afford both.