New Car Tech: Collapsible Steering Wheel Makes it Easier to Get In and Out of Your Car

New Car Tech: Collapsible Steering Wheel Makes it Easier to Get In and Out of Your Car

What’s not to like about things being streamlined? Take a fine automobile for example: clean, sleak lines not only enhance the ride, they also turn more than a few heads on the street. But what about the interior of said car? Things could get a lot more streamlined, thanks to a next-generation steering wheel that folds away.

Making it easier to get into and out of a vehicle, TRW Automotive is behind a collapsible steering wheel that retracts entirely into the dashboard. Although it hasn’t been built yet, there are renderings of the new dashboard technology. The steering wheel comes with two handles attached to the steering column, and when you’re not driving, the handles fold around the column. Then, the whole unit hides away in the dashboard until you’re ready to drive again – it would pop out automatically when you start the car.

By tucking the steering wheel away in the dashboard, it would be easier to get in and out of the cars. This would be very beneficial for the elderly, pregnant women and larger people. And with the trend of manufacturers moving towards building smaller cars, this new technology would come in handy.

“The key benefit is to make it much easier for elderly drivers or other drivers with reduced mobility to get in and out of the vehicle,” said TRW development manager Manuel Poyant. “Due to the significant growth of small city cars, this technology could open up the possibility for even smaller cabin designs.”

The folding steering wheel could hit the market in another five years. Would this kind of technology interest you and influence your car buying decision? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Source: Cnet]


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