New Mercedes SLK55 to Get All-New 5.5L V8 With 416-HP

New Mercedes SLK55 to Get All-New 5.5L V8 With 416-HP

When Mercedes unveils its new AMG version of the SLK in the Fall, it will be packing an all new naturally aspirated engine that will deliver serious performance and retain the AMG purity, while trying very hard not to step on the toes of its larger and more expensive siblings.

Considering the smaller size of the SLK, the twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8 was out of the question. Not only won’t that powerplant fit, but even in a detuned form it would make the SLK too close a competitor to the SL. As a result, the AMG engineers have reportedly built a naturally aspirated version of the new 5.5-liter V8 engine, which is offered in twin-turbo form in both the CLS63 and E63.

Compared to the old engine the new 5.5L will gain 60-hp for a total output of 416-hp, while torque rises from 376 lb-ft to 398 lb-ft.

Other upgrades include a new cylinder deactivation technology that will allow the car to run on just four cylinders under certain conditions to help reduce fuel consumption, as well as a new sports exhaust system with baffles that will open progressively as throttle is applied.

Look for the new SLK55 to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this Fall.

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[Source: AutoCar]