Next Volkswagen GTI Details Emerged

Next Volkswagen GTI Details Emerged

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is the original hot-hatchback. While many have followed this recipe of putting a tuned engine in a practical hatchback, thanks to its ever evolving state, the GTI is still on the scene and getting faster and faster.

Now news from Europe suggests that the next generation GTI will just get a mild tweak of its current motor. Since the GTI we buy in North America has a different engine than what our trans-Atlantic cousins are driving around in, maybe this tweaked version of the EA888 (as the 2.0T 4-cylinder motor is known to the VW faithful) will finally make its way over to us.

Early guesstamates suggest that power output will be around 220-hp, which would bring it a step closer to the Golf R spec motor. Thanks to detailed remapping of the engine management system, the new version will also be cleaner than the out-going motor.

To handle its torque-steer, a new electronically controlled, mechanical locking differential will be added to the GTI and R models.

VW is also looking to put the “R” version of the Golf Cabriolet into production. However, no word yet if this model will ever be made available on our shores.

[Source: Autocar]