North Carolina Government Implements “Run and Your’re Done” Law

North Carolina Government Implements “Run and Your’re Done” Law

The North Carolina state government will implement the “Run and You’re Done” law beginning December 1 2011. Governor Bev Perdue signed the bill into law on June 23. This new law allows North Carolina to seize the vehicle of anyone convicted of felony speeding to elude.

The vehicle would then be auctioned off to the highest bidder, bringing revenue to the police agency responsible for the seizure. The entity responsible for selling the vehicle will keep seizure fees and sales fees. Then the remainder of the profit will be distributed to the county government like a normal fine.

Under the new law, the seized vehicle can be sold even if the actual owner of the vehicle is unaware of its use for speeding. Police will need to place a legal advertisement in the newspaper on two occasions and paste up three handbills near the place of seizure before selling the car. In total, the process can be done in 24 days. A provision has been put in place forbidding the sale of highly modified performance vehicles. The modified vehicles are to be “turned over to such governmental agency or public official within the territorial jurisdiction of the court as the court shall see fit, to be used in the performance of official duties only.”

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

  • Wes J Henry Jr

    I wish to see a copy on the new laws going into place for North Carolina only. Thanks Wes

  • casper27292 .

    just another way for nc to screw it’s tax payer, as long as they get money, they don’t care who it hurts or effects. that’s why half the people have moved, you don’t see the government doing anything about these crooked cops taking drugs and drug money and dealing drugs