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 |  Jul 13 2011, 4:11 PM

The police force in Nova Scotia are confused as to why a motorist would decide to casually light a mariajuana joint a few metres away from a traffic checkpoint.

Last week, police were conducting a large checkpoint in Yarmouth, when officers noticed pot wafting through the air. Officers approached the car and inside, a man was causually smoking his joint with the windows down.

The driver was pulled over and officers spent an hour trying to determine if the man was impaired. He passed all the tests and was allowed to leave, although police officers seized his marijuana. “It appears that this was the one and only joint that was smoked,” said an RCMP officer, noting that they didn’t charge the man because it was a small quantity of marijuana.

[Source: Wheels]

  • Somebody Else

    I’m quite impressed with the cops. Good job not overreacting. And what-te pair that guy has.

  • Jay


  • Lawrence Donald

    What would they have done if I had opened a beer?