Novitec Rosso Shows Off a Pair of Ferrari 458 Italia Twins [video]

Novitec Rosso Shows Off a Pair of Ferrari 458 Italia Twins [video]

Ah, what’s better than one Ferrari 458 Italia? How about a Novitec Rosso-modified Ferrari 458 Italia? How about two that look identical? Novitec Rosso decided the best way to a man’s heart wasn’t to grab their attention with just one hot, bright red and sexy 458, but with two outfitted with the same modifications. And even better, Novitec knew that photos just doesn’t cut it these days, especially when we’re talking about twins here, so they gave us a video of the bombshells…together of course.

Novitec Rosso’s 458 Italia tuning package bumps horsepower up by 39-hp by outfitting the 4.5L V8 with a new carbon fiber air box and Inconel exhaust system (which also weighs 46-lbs less than the factory unit) that is comprised of new manifolds, sport catalysts and rear muffler with control flap. Combined the bolt-ons with a newly remapped ECU and you’ve got a 458 Italia breathing as fiery as ever.

In addition to the performance gains, Novitec went through thorough wind-tunnel testing for their aerodynamic kit. The carbon fiber pieces are attached to existing body panels, with a subtle front lip, side flaps and wings, a rear spoiler and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. For wheels, Novitec chose their NF3 pieces to outfit the twins with a matching red and black paint scheme. Staggered with a set of 21×9-inch in the front while the rear receives a much wider and larger 22×12, Novitec pairs the wheels up with high-performance Pirelli rubber.

And of course, Novitec lowers the 458 Italia a solid 1.4-inches while incorporating a 1.6-inch front-end lift at the push of a button.

Check out a video of Novitec’s 458’s twins after the break.

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  • BC

    that was literally the shittiest video ever made. If the filmer/editor got payed to make that piece of shit video then the person who hired them should be fired. When you have two cars like that obviously there is somewhat of a budget so next time do a background check on your filmer or look at their portfolio and dont just hire your son even though he can film with his iphone. The maker of this video should be embarrassed that people get to see it on cars where super sick but the video didnt let me appreciate them because it was so horrible. I am embarrassed as a film maker.