Porsche Planning To Revive 928 With Panamera Platform

Porsche Planning To Revive 928 With Panamera Platform

Because the stoned-frog Panamera just won’t cut it, Porsche is toying with the idea of a grand touring coupe again—and they’re planning to reintroduce a familiar badge in the works.

The legendary 928 was the fastest production car at one time, a time when it still performed flawlessly instead of being relegated to humiliating $500 beater racing. The new 928 revival will probably not outpace the Bugatti Veyron, but it will damn well try in the same spirit: a super-luxurious two-door, that can do blistering speeds all day. The Panamera can do that, yeah, but with its four doors and melted-cheese styling, it’s made the engineers at Zuffenhausen bored and restless.

Enter the 929, as it could be called. It would be based on a shortened Panamera platform which could also spawn a Bentley coupe, with the Volkswagen conglomerate paying for development costs. Whatever happens, we’ll see it as early as 2014, when the Panamera is set for a refresh.

Of course, rumors of a 928 revival have been floating around since, well, the first 928 was killed off. The next Panamera could even spawn a 928 shooting brake, a Panamera limo, or a 918 Spyder dually ice cream truck. All of these are rumored to come next (the ice cream truck would be for employees only, sadly). Who knows what they’re throwing down in Stuttgart?

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