Robby Gordon Joins The Bullrun, Piloting Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Robby Gordon Joins The Bullrun, Piloting Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Legendary NASCAR driver and off-road pilot Robby Gordon has been invited to attend the Bullrun Live Rally commonly know as, “The Bullrun”. One of the most glamorous (perhaps second only to the Gumball) of high-end luxury automotive rallies, it’s limited to 100 entries consisting of the finest high-end cars in the world taking on an epic eight day rally race across the US. In the past, the Bullrun has attracted celebrities such as Dennis Rodman, Hayden Christensen, Bam Margera and Kim Kardashian.

Robby Gordon is partnering with Jeep and will drive the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 from Las Vegas to Miami.

“I’m really excited to be participating in the 2011 Bullrun. It’s basically a modern day ‘Cannonball Run’ just set up like the Dakar Rally. It’s run on public highways within speed limits, but the guy that gets there first still wins.  It’s very fitting for SPEED Energy and I’m able to do it with our great partners, Dodge, Jeep and Toyo Tires,” explained Gordon.

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  • Karina

    The Bull Run was FAR more interesting and fun when Hayden Christensen was there with his vehicle!!

  • GasOnRobby

    Hopefully The BullRun will be far more exciting then the boring cookie cutter COT NASCAR Cup cars on the cookie cutter Kentucky Speedway.

    Does the Jeep have Electronic Fuel Injection or a NASCAR mandated vintage 70’ish carburetor? lol

    Good Luck Robby and Gas ON. Maybe the route will take you through Maryland.

  • Mike Durfee

    You dum asses did not just post a picture of Robby with a red bull logo. Get with it it’s SPEED ENERGY now!

  • dashmn

    Wow! Robby Gordon’s manufactures SPEED ENERGY DRINK, and you guys show him with Red Bull. That’s really messed up!
    Why doesn’t your site, post the day to day standings?

    Mike Durfee, are you from California? I remember a person with your name from long ago?

  • Parker one

    Red bull speed what ever it takes to keep robby behind the wheel

  • Billl Garmon

    My wife and I, along with two friends were driving across the southern part of the USA when the Bulls started passing us on I-10 in Eastern AL. Just like the Cannonball Run, Mississippi Troopers were waiting at the State Line. A dozen Troopers had a long line of Bulls on the sideline. What were we to do but wave as we went by, well within the speed limit. Hope no one got a ticket.