Scion iQ 6-Speed Manual Transmission Likely for RS Model

Scion iQ 6-Speed Manual Transmission Likely for RS Model

When the Scion iQ city car goes on sale this October it will be offered exclusively with a CVT transmission. That, however, is likely to change admits brand boss Jack Hollis

“We already have it,” he told AutoGuide, referring to the 6-speed manual currently offered on the Toyota-branded iQ in Europe. Now it’s just a question of getting it certified for use on U.S. roads.

“We can do it,” he said with enthusiasm, commenting that he’d like to see it introduced in the iQ as part of a limited edition Release Series model. Until then, find out why we don’t hate the CVT transmission here.

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  • Big Deal

    “We can do it”. Big deal. What, like a 6 speed manual is some new revelation. Come on Toyota, 6 speed manuals have been out forever and you’re touting it like its some brand new ground breaking technology? What a joke. Get with the times and get with the competition. Stuck in the past.

  • PulSe

    Big Deal – you dork. The “we can do it” refers to getting it certified in the states… dork boy.

  • md72

    Big deal, you are in fact a dork, and ignorant at that. At least admit you’re just trying to bash Scion for whatever simple minded reason that may be. Hollis is just answering a product related question pertaining to availability of a manual transmission….he never said it’s the best thing since sliced bread…. Why do people always have to either love or hate a car company?? Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t…applies to ALL makes…ok…some more than others but still!

  • urban h

    ‘Big Deal’ – you are indeed a big dork, and a Toyota hater. We get it. Maybe the Dodge or Pontiac engineers you love so much can design you a new brain, or at least a muffled one.

  • Naim Kozi

    I want this car -the primary reason is PARKING-it’s the parking stupid -and the fact that you can fit 3 plus people. Look at it like this if I’m going to manhatten with 2 couples(riding in the back do-able 4 a short drive) we go to one place for drinks another to catch a show -maybe another place afterwards-without difficulty finding PARKING . If great gas mileage is primary and not parking I dont see why you would choose this car-because there are alot of cars now with great mileage.

  • lt

    I want this car, but only with a manual transmission.

  • Frank Echlin

    why offer what people want? Car companies are stupid, why not a 2wd Jeep Wrangler, a hardtop Solstice or Miata? Cooper finally came out with an overpriced coupe, they are finally getting away from their “station wagon” styling………..too little too late. Car companies are more concerned with overloading cars with complex electronic gadgets and complex, expensive to repair engines….over engineering gone wild.

  • spooky

    a tricked out version of this car must be a blast on a twisty back road.

  • robert

    I sat in on(IQ) at the Philadelphia car show-very cool and cute, would consider it with a manual and turbocharged a la Abarth.

  • Liar’s Lair

    I see… So a 6 speed transmission is some sort of “technical marvel” which has never been put into a car yet? How about a semi-normal sized Hyundai with a 6 speed manual transmission that gets 32 mpg city and 40 mpg on the freeway and is NOT classified as any sort of “ultra-efficient” or “city” car. This is simply a farce. I’d like to see the iq made into an efficiency model, with 50+ mpg freeway. Can’t do it? How about a Prius engine without all the electric junk. That get’s over 50 mpg…

  • yokohama
  • bsyvertsen

    I can’t believe it isn’t offered with a manual transmission!  I guess I’ll just wait for that one to come out.

  • was going to purchase it, until I found out it doesn’t come with a 5 or 6 spd manual transmission.

  • Scott Kirby

    agree totally with the previous two posters. SCION PUT A MANUAL TRANSMISSION IN. A LOT of REALLY TINY car fans MUST HAVE a manual transmission. Won’t even look at this until they put one in.

  • Christopher Springmann

    And wait and wait.

    What would you pay for an IQ equipped with the magical manual – tomorrow? And tell me, please, what are you driving right now?

  • Christopher Springmann

    Ok, Scott, would you pay $16,000 for the iQ with a 5-6-7-8 speed manual?

    What if it had 18 cup holders and a chrome roof rack, all for $10,000? Would you buy it? Probably not.

    I just purchased a 2013 with the sensational CVT, the perfect urban and highway scoot, great styling, legendary Toyota build, fine fit-and-finish. Sensational handling and terrific mileage plus the Hot Lava color. A blast to drive.

    I put my money where my big mouth is – how about you, Scott? When will you quit whining, please? Uh, what are your current wheels – year and model, please.

  • Jammar79

    y’all want a fun car with a manual? find yourself a CRX and put a few thousand into it to get it rebuilt and restored. Better mileage than an iQ, Second generation CRX’s can get a backseat option, Better performance. CVT’s suck. Oh and guest person wanting to know what everyone drives, I have a 2001 Saturn SC2 at the moment. I average between 31 and 35 MPG. Its a great car that I didnt think I would love but have fallen in love with. I have owned two CRX’s. 87 (38 MPG avg) and 91 (45 MPG avg). One met its demise at the hooves of a deer, the other a friend killed with reckless driving. I personally love the iQ except for that damn gearbox. If a manual transmission was available for it I would sell my Saturn and be willing to pay as much as a regular iQ costs.

  • Scott Kirby

    guest screw off.

  • ROGM

    Would Love the IQ with a Manual Transmission.

  • Where’s the 6-speed?!

  • “Certified” for use? What does that mean? Get those cars over here! Won’t buy an automatic. Ugh! Boring!

  • ROGM

    When is the IQ 6 Speed going to get here?

  • ColumWood

    Based on how poorly its selling… probably never.

  • ROGM

    Guess I’ll have to forget about getting an IQ.