Slow Down! Report Says Speeding Is the Top Cargument Starter

Slow Down! Report Says Speeding Is the Top Cargument Starter

If you tend to be a little heavy on the gas pedal, chances are you’re in need of a marriage councillor’s services. According to a study conducted by a British online used car channel, Tesco Cars, speed is the biggest fight starter between partners on car rides.

Speeding was the main source of “carguments,” with 22 percent saying that’s what got them miffed at their partner, followed by getting directions wrong (18 percent), tailgating (13 percent) and parking (5 percent).

When it comes to speeding, both men and women are up in arms about their partners going over the speed limit. For women, 21 percent said this factor would most likely start a cargument, compared with one in four men.

“Most couples will have argued about something in the car at one time or another,” said Rebecca Ryan, Marketing Manager of Tesco Cars. “Given the potentially serious consequences of speeding, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that it is the chief cause of fights.”

Here’s a list of what’s most likely to start a cargument:

Driving too fast: 22.72%

Getting the directions wrong: 18.01%

None of the above: 15.86%

Driving too close to the car in front: 13.31%

Being too aggressive: 11.83%

Parking: 5.11%

Choice of music of radio station: 4.70%

Driving too slow: 4.57%

Children fighting in the back: 3.90%