Spanish City Offers Lifetime Public Transit Passes in Exchange for Cars

Spanish City Offers Lifetime Public Transit Passes in Exchange for Cars

The city of Murcia, Spain may really be on to something here. Officials want to cut down on smog and traffic congestion and they want get there by promoting public transportation. You may ask yourself “But what’s so darn-tooting special about that?” The twist on this initiative is that citizens who give up their cars will get a lifetime pass to the city’s new tram system.

The city is going above and beyond to reach their goal of cutting emissions and traffic. Here’s how it works: Once citizens of Murcia turn in their car (old or new) that’s been fully paid for, they can register for a lifelong tram ticket.

But Murcia isn’t stopping there. Once a car is exchanged for a pass, that car will be put on display around the city. Showcasing some pretty interesting creativity, the car will be placed in a certain spot, and then slowly disassembled to make them “disappear” (think of it as a car strip tease). The public can get in on the fun – all they have to do is post a comment on the project’s Facebook or Twitter accounts, and a piece of each car is removed and broadcast on webcam.

Another way the city is using these exchanged cars in a creative way is by using them as art installations. As homage to the lack of parking spaces in Murcia, these cars are placed around town in difficult parking areas, occasionally parked on top of each other.

What do you think of Murcia’s idea to cut down on traffic and pollution? Would you trade in your car for a lifetime public transportation pass?

[Source: Inhabitat]