Steve Nash Does Toyota Prius Parking Victory Dance [Video]

Steve Nash Does Toyota Prius Parking Victory Dance [Video]

Well this is a change. The typical NBA all star usually drives around in a Cadillac Escalade or Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but not Steve Nash. No no, this Pheonix Suns point guard, seven-time NBA All-Star, two-time MVP award winner represents the Toyota Prius. In this new commercial, based on the competitive nature of both Nash and Toytota, the all new Prius comes out on top, or maybe dancing does. Nash’s competitve edge show him push the Prius to beat an old lady into a parking sport. The victory dance is hilarious.

Check out Nash celebrate his victory dance after the jump!

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  • Lila Thompson

    I hate Steve being portrayed as someone who would do this. That is not the Steve I have long admired in his basketball games with the Suns. I have been a fervent admirer and backer and don’t like this AT ALL. I am a 90 plus old lady myself! I have mentioned this clip to several friends of various ages who think Prius should table it!. It is not funny!

  • Mark

    Get a sense of humor. Its not as though this is candid video filmed and produced without his consent.

  • Mary Ebel

    I don’t think it is funny. It’s a stupid ad/commercial. Now if they had used another player that might make it humerous. What it says about basketball is that they don’t care about elderly people? I could come up with some very funny ones. They need a good writer.

  • Mary Ebel

    And it makes Steve Nash look like an idiot. No gentlman.

  • Lila Thompson

    Of course it was with his consent. That is partly what bothers me. It is not Steve! You can’t live to be 90 without a sense of humor. People who don’t even know him will not see any humor in it!

  • Ray

    I guess Toyota ran out of idea’s for a commercial lol. Common now Toyota you can do better!

  • Allan

    This is an ad. We have all seen actors/actresses in roles we like and roles we do not like. This does not change who they are in real life! There will be people/fans who approve of this ad and those that don’t, just means the ad was done well. Like it or not.

  • Mary

    This isn’t a matter of not liking. I live in Arizona. We support the Suns. This reflects badly on Steve Nash and the team and Arizonians. It paints a bad picture of it. I suspect that you who think this is hunky dory maybe work for Toyota or the company that produced the ad. Steve – if you are listening to this – don’t let this air. This does nothing for your character. It’s offensive. And I have a very good sense of humor.

  • Scott

    This is the worst car ad I have ever seen!! Who ever thought this one up should be FIRED!!! What are you showing? People in a Toyota Prius like to steal parking spaces from little old people? Or is it how the car can race into a parking spot??? How much did Toyota pay for this? What a complete waste of money!! Hey Toyota!, Give me a $100 000 grand and I’ll show you how to make a car commercial… and it won’t involve stealing parking spaces!!!