Sub-Compact Granite to Put GMC In A New Market Segment

Sub-Compact Granite to Put GMC In A New Market Segment

GMC‘s thing has always been trucks, though some would argue it’s 1971-87 El Camino derrivatives, the Sprint and Caballero broke the mold. Now, there’s no question that the brand is firmly stepping outside it’s traditional comfort zone; for 2013 it plans to chase after those in the market for cars like the Kia Soul and Scion XB.

The subcompact Granite is aimed firmly at young, urban buyers and will incorporate such features as Dutch Doors on the passenger side to facilitate easy loading and likely a choice of 2.0-liter turbo and 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines as well as manual or automatic transaxles (the concept , seen here, sported a 1.4 blown motor and six-speed manual gearbox).

GMC is also expected to debut a thoroughly updated Sierra 1500 and a revised Yukon SUV as 2014 models, at around the same time as the Grantie. Both will likely be available with a turbocharged engine and possibly an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Heavy Duty pickup trucks are likely to get a facelift for 2014-15, around the same time an updated Acadia SUV is due.

In the shorter term, buyers can expect a luxury Denali version of the popular Terrain and a sheetmetal revamp for the current Acadia. As for the mid-size Canyon, once production winds up at the Shreveport, Louisiana plant, it’s unlikely a successor will manifest itself in the coming years, though rumors continue to persist that a version of the new ‘world’ Chevy Colorado is destined for North American shores at some point.

[Source: GM Inside News]