Takero’s Honda Fit RS Is Looking Jazzy

Takero’s Honda Fit RS Is Looking Jazzy

Japanese tuner, Takero’s, is currently developing some aerodynamic pieces for the Honda Fit under its RS label, potentially offering a more affordable alternative to Mugen. The company’s demo car, however, shows the best of both worlds, with Takero’s body parts mixed in with Mugen’s. Most notably is there front bumper replacement, which is a less aggressive design than Mugen’s Fit and features a carbon fiber lip and carbon fiber front grille.

On their demo car, Takero’s uses Mugen’s side skirts which flow well with their front bumper while it rolls on 17×7-inch +53 offset Work Emotion XD9 wheels. On the rear of the car is a Mugen rear bumper, but Takero’s shows off their roof spoiler which can also be had with a carbon fiber lip, giving it a really clean and unique look.

We’re thinking it’s safe to assume Takero’s will outfit the Fit will a full body kit from bumper to bumper, but so far the progress they have made has been very impressive and we look forward to the finished product.

GALLERY: Takero’s Honda Fit RS

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    Looks good,but price too high…