The Future Is Here: Terrafugia Flying Car Approved By NHTSA

The Future Is Here: Terrafugia Flying Car Approved By NHTSA

Welcome to the future our forefathers were dreaming about: the flying car is finally here! Well, you still need a runway, but we’re getting close to catching up with the Jetsons!

That’s right—the only flying car you can buy today has just been approved for terrestrial driving by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The organization had to grant a special exemption for the Terrafugia Transition, under the provision of “roadable aircraft.”

Unlike most light aircraft, the Transition needs automotive technology such as crumple zones and dual airbags to remain roadworthy. And like a car—or an expensive one, anyway—the Transition features a carbon fiber safety cage and takes unleaded gasoline, albeit high-octane. Hey, airplanes aren’t cheap.

The Transition could allow pilots to land early and drive to their destination if they encounter bad weather, as the car has a 500-mile range. Its 26-foot wings can fold in less than a minute, and can reach 115mph in the air and 65mph on the roads. And so far, how many rich people have sprung for this proof-of-concept? At $250,000, the first 100 orders have all been accounted for.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

[Source: CNET]