Toyota Celica Sets Record At Goodwood

Toyota Celica Sets Record At Goodwood

Okay, so it’s heavily modified. But nevertheless, a sixth generation Toyota Celica (1994-97 model years) set the fastest time on the climb to Goodwood House this past weekend, beating many other race cars, including recent Formula 1 machines.

Driven by former British Rally Champion Johnny Milner, the Celica covered the 1.6 mile course in just 48.07 seconds, quite a feat when you consider that the Goodwood Climb is technically complex and rather challenging, even for experienced drivers.

Milner actually missed winning the ‘televised’ shootout thanks to a minor error which cost him  just a little too much time, nevertheless, earlier in the day, the time he set proved to be the fastest out of 200 cars that competed on the climb over the course of the weekend.

Milner’s mount tipped the scales at just 1,050 kg (2310 lbs) and boasts a set back driving position and a low center of gravity thanks to revised suspension mounts and fenderwells. Sitting on ultra soft compound rally cross spec Michelin rubber, the Celica racer is powered by WRC spec Corolla inline four that boasts both a supercharger and nitrous system. The little 2.0-liter twin cam cranks out around 800 hp, so getting all that power to the ground is no mean feat, especially for something based around a regular production car. Well done Johnny!

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