Toyota “Window To The World” Concept Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

Toyota “Window To The World” Concept Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

Toyota is introducing a new way for kids to be distracted on road trips. And this time, instead of viewing a screen, they will look out the window—and actually interact with it.

Called “Window To The World,” aspiring toddler creatives can draw on the car window as a canvas, building off what they see outside and watch their drawings shift as the scenery changes. They can also interact with specific objects: for example, they can zoom in to something distant, plot distances to landmarks, even translate objects and landmarks into another language. At night, the panoramic roof displays constellations and star maps.

The concept was developed by Toyota of Europe and the trendy folks at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. You might not see this in a 2012 Avensis, but instead it will be at the “Our Future Mobility Now” exhibition from June 22 to 25 at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels, Belgium.

And while the entire idea may sound like a load of murky ad-agency nonsense, the video makes it all clearer. Click the jump to catch a glimpse of how our kids will finally shut up in the backseat for a change. If you’re not learning something back there, I’ll turn the car around!

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  • Ryan

    perhaps the dates are wrong for the exhibition…or it already happened.

  • Rob

    Haha – is that kid even buckled in???

  • Judy Walker

    Brilliant…amazing yes: but I don’t see a seat belt on the chils (a necessity) how do they enjoy this feature without a seat belt?

  • WOW..!Exciteing..!Way to GO,Toyota……

    Love,new technology..!