Travis Pastrana Breaks Foot At X Games, Cancels His NASCAR Entry [Video]

Travis Pastrana Breaks Foot At X Games, Cancels His NASCAR Entry [Video]

Travis Pastrana might not be high-tailing it to NASCAR according to plan: at the X Games, he landed hard on his right foot, shattering his ankle as well as any chances to start in the Nationwide NASCAR Series on Saturday.

Pastrana was attempting to nail a 720-double-backflip-spin on a dirtbike, but with a late rotation entering the landing, he fell at an angle and threw the entire weight of the bike onto his right foot. He was taken to surgery and hasn’t made an official statement on starting the race, which seems to indicate that he’s out.

Rumors that “friendly” rival Ken Block was seen rubbing his hands in glee, twirling his mustache and muttering, “yes, yes, it’s all gone to plan!” are still unsubstantiated.

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[Source: Jalopnik]

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