Volkswagen And Ford Top Strategic Quality Survey

Volkswagen And Ford Top Strategic Quality Survey

There seem to be so many surveys out there relating to auto manufacturers, it’s often hard to pick out which are the most meaningful. Strategic Vision Inc. however, takes a slightly different approach than most, measuring every aspect of ‘customer satisfaction,’ from the buying experience, to performance as well as reliability, factors which aim to give a more ‘complete’ picture of overall quality.

As a result, the automotive brands that reach the top of its survey differ from those on others; Volkswagen and Ford ranking as number one and two respectively.

VW’s position was lead by the results from Golf, Jetta and Tiguan owners and although Jetta drivers reported a higher number of industry problems than average (30 percent versus 22), very few were labeled as serious issues. Furthermore, VW owners attracted a higher level of ‘love’ for their vehicles than most rivals.

In Ford’s case the Mustang, F-Series pickups and Flex crossover were the biggest winners, these vehicles scoring strong points on design, technological innovations and strengthening brand equity, this despite complaints of in-car connectivity systems which has seen Ford drop on other surveys, notably those from Consumer Reports and JD Power and Associates.

Further down the list, Honda and Nissan tied jointly for third place, the latter essentially on the strength of just one vehicle, the Maxima sedan.

Interestingly, there were a few vehicles on the list that have redeemed themselves somewhat, posting significant gains in Total Quality satisfaction ratings; examples included the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan, which jumped to second place behind the Odyssey for best in the segment; the redesigned 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which currently ranks top of the mid-size SUV category, plus the Land Rover LR4 and Jaguar XJ, which from languishing in the doldrums, jumped to top of their respective categories, luxury SUV and sedan respectively. British cars leading quality satisfaction surveys, who’d have ever thought it?

[Source: Automobile Mag]

  • Joanne

    News article for Week 3

  • worse_than_bad

    VW top?  Maybe they surveys need to check out forums about the problems and complaints…. must have some perfect sample population to which they did the survey.  I think even my 2006 5 series BMW has better quality.