Volkswagen Passat Wagon Won’t Be Coming To North America

Volkswagen Passat Wagon Won’t Be Coming To North America

Volkswagen of America does not have plans to offer the Passat Wagon in North America. Despite reports of the Passat wagon undergoing testing in the U.S, the vehicle was never intended to be sold here.

Part of the problem is that wagons have lost substantial market share with the advent of crossovers. Volvo, which has always offered the traditional station wagon, no longer offers either the V70 or V50 in North America because of slumping sales. With VW’s focus on achieving big sales numbers, the automaker doesn’t see the wagon as a worthwhile endeavor. Volkswagen is instead working on a three-row crossover, priced like the Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer for around $30,000, as many former station wagon buyers have shifted to this segment. For anyone who still enjoys Volkswagen wagons, the Jetta SportWagen is still available.

[Source: Car and Driver]

  • mas raden

    I think the Passat wagon will be greatly in demand in the market, because lately I think many consumers are looking for a family car instead of private <a href="; title="car such as sedans.

  • Alan

    VW please rethink your plans, there are plenty of SUV already in the market and NO 50 MPG station wagons. With proper marketing that clearly states the savings and long life of the TDI. Most people (like LA,CA) don’t need a 4×4 that gets 19mpg, a efficient wagon makes more sense.
    Add a 3 row reverse facing seat and the kids will make Ma and Pa buy it.

  • Rafi

    I plan to buy wagon, either TDI or gasoline an I think that VW usa makes big mistake not offering solid Passat as a wagon. Many SUV are too expenisve not fuel efficient and not as comfortable as wagons. I think there would be a lot of customers wanted to get back to wagons after the first wave of SUVs on us market. I hope that vw will change their plans and bring wagon passat to usa.

  • Jon

    I enjoyed my both my Passat wagons much more than the VW SUV I owned briefly in between the wagons. I like the lower ride and the comfort of the Passat wagon. The wagon even has more storage behind the rear seat that the VW SUV did.

  • Wayne

    Just when I get up the courage and a few extra dollars to spend on my 1st VW, namely a VW Passat Wagon (I was hoping with a diesel) and they stop marketing them.
    I think that the US market is there for a Passat Wagon that can stomp Toyota’s Pricey Venza that doesn’t get a sniff at 30 MPG, and the nice but expensive BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes.
    Hopefully they will reconsider and bring the Passat Wagon state-side again. Then I won’t have to decide between a Prius v and a Jetta TDI Sportwagon.

  • John

    I leased two passat wagons and I loved them both! The only reason I don’t have one now is because they were not offered in 2011. I got a rogue for now, but was planning on going back to the passat wagon. What a disappointment!

  • Dan

    Mazda 5 SkyActive Wagon it looks like. Jetta TDI Wagon too small. Have 9-5 SE Wagon currently.

  • Schmithy

    Sad – the Jetta wagon is way to small and I will not drive an SUV, which generally have less space then my current 2008 Passat Wagon.  This also explains the recent string of calls/letters from the local VW dealer trying to get me to trade my current one in – they can’t get them anymore and they know it.

  • Clynn3

    I love my 2010 Passat wagon.  I have been a loyal VW customer for years but this will drive me away as I love my station wagon.  It has great cargo space and reasonable gas mileage. 

  • D2

    I’ve had a 2003, 2008 and now have a 2010 Passat Wagon.  (Before that a 92 Cabriolet and then a 99 Cabrio!).  If VW doesn’t bring the Passat Wagon or AllTrack to the US, it looks like I’ll be getting an Acura wagon next June.  Acuras are great cars, but I’m a VW girl and will hate to turn in my wagon without getting another one!

  • I hope someday the truth is said about why wagons are being replaced by crossovers. Light Truck status for CAFE is much easier to hit MPG requirements than a ‘car’ status wagon. For shame CAFE.

  • Tom

    It is a HUGE mistake to not bring back the Passat wagon back to the US!! I live in Colorado and the four-motion 3.6L  wagon is the perfect ski car – lots of room for skis, boots,bags, coats, coolers… even the dog. I hope they come to their senses and at least make ONE for me to buy!!

  • Kuk

    LOL picking Jetta for wagon, Passat is synonymum for wagon. With TDi there is nothing better to drive, no fancy look but it will change while you drive one. Best milage per gallon, safety, space and reliability. Europeans know better. Pick Audi wagons if you want more fancy stuff.