Volvo Plans To Produce Three Electric Vehicles

Volvo Plans To Produce Three Electric Vehicles

Volvo is currently working on developing several green technologies including an electric C30, a flywheel hybrid system and a diesel-electric plug-in hybrid system. This week, Volvo announced that it’s working on a more ambitious project -three unique range-extended electric drive setups. Volvo is working with the Swedish Energy Agency and the European Union to develop this technology.

All three technical concepts utilize similar hardware- a three-cylinder combustion engine and a 111-hp electric motor but they differ in how the engine assists the electric motor.

Technical Concept I uses a modified Volvo C30 and the system consists of a 60-hp three-cylinder engine, the 111-hp electric motor and a 40-kW generator. The rear mounted engine turns the 40-kW generator that charges the car’s battery pack.

Technical Concept II also uses a modified C30 and utilizes a parallel-connected range extender. The rear mounted engine also turns the 40-kW generator. The engine and the electric motor operate in tandem. The engine powers the rear wheels and the 111-hp electric motor powers the front wheels.

Technical Concept III is installed in a European market V60 wagon and also uses a parallel connected system. Technical Concept III uses an electric motor and a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, with both units located in the engine bay. Both power-plants drive the front wheels through a two-stage automatic transmission.

[Source: Car and Driver]