Wald Releases Black Bison Kit For Older Jaguar XJ

Wald Releases Black Bison Kit For Older Jaguar XJ

Wald is giving older-generation Jaguar XJ owners something to get excited about. Part of their Black Bison line, Wald has introduced a new styling package for the XJ transforming the aesthetics and giving the luxury sedan a much sportier look. Along with the kit, customers can opt for a set of Wald wheels and a quad-tipped exhaust system.

The kit itself will replace the XJ’s outdated front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper. Additions include a subtle lip spoiler for the trunk and a rear window spoiler, giving the XJ a sporty style in the rear. The front bumper comes standard with LED daytime running lights, but customers can also opt for LED additions on the mirrors and fenders. Though wheel and tire packages can be custom tailored to what the customer wants, Wald chose to outfit their XJ with a set of 21-inch chrome wheels that in our opinion, doesn’t fit the Jaguar well.

GALLERY: Wald Black Bison Jaguar XJ

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  • Will Ross

    I have a Jaguar XJR Supercharged I wish to know where I car purchase Wald Black Bison new styling for this car. I am in South Africa