Walgreens To Add Electric Car Chargers To Its Stores

Walgreens To Add Electric Car Chargers To Its Stores

Pharmacy giant Walgreens is planning to add electric car chargers to 800 of its stores, which will be handy if you actually spend a lot of time at Walgreens.

So far, 60 stores across the country have been upgraded with Level 3 chargers, which can refill a Nissan Leaf to 80% of full capacity in just half an hour. These stores are in Chicago and Texas, but Walgreens locations in Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, New York, and Washington DC are expected to get them as well.

After Walgreens finishes installing all of their chargers, they’ll have provided the nation with a whopping 40% of public chargers—and other major businesses are expected to follow suit. It’s commendable for Walgreens to make this progress in electric infrastructure, especially if you spend that time there waiting for your Vicodin to get refilled.

[Source: Consumer Reports]


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