Washington Goes Green With Nation’s First Electric Highway

Washington Goes Green With Nation’s First Electric Highway

If you’ve got an EV, you’ll want to mark your calendars. In six months, you’ll be able to recharge your electric vehicle along Washington state’s new “Electric Highways.”

With some help from Monrovia, Calif.-based AeroVironment, Washington is now adding charging stations along the I-5 and the U.S. 2. With a bill of about $1 million, the project will be setting up stations every 40 to 60 miles along the I-5 between Everett and the Canadian border and between Olympia and the Oregon border. For their part, AeroVironment will manufacture, supply, install and operate the new network of electric vehicle chargers.

If you’re planning a scenic road trip around these routes, you can charge up your batteries to about 80 percent in 20 to 30 minutes – just enough time to take a much-needed break from driving and enjoy your surroundings.

“A network of charging stations linking Washington to Oregon and Canada will make electric vehicles more attractive to consumers and businesses, and transportation better for the environment,” said Paula Hammond, Washington secretary of transportation.

Complementing the EV Project, these new stations will be a vital piece of the future West Coast Green Highway, a project that plans to provide a seamless network of recharging stations along all 1,350 miles of I-5 from Canada to Mexico.

[Source: Autoblog Green]