White House Lowers CAFE 2025 Target to 54.5 MPG

White House Lowers CAFE 2025 Target to 54.5 MPG

After much debate, the White House has lowered its CAFE target for 2025 from 62 MPG to 54.5. The original 62 MPG figure has been dragged through the dirt before, having previously been lowered to 56.2 before this current figure. But now, the 1.7-mpg drop helps ease the concerns, however slightly, expressed by the auto industry that this annual mileage increase will drive up the cost of cars and destroy car sales as well as manufacturing jobs.

The CAFE situation dictates that cars will have to be 5% more fuel-efficient every year, from 2017 to 2025. On the one hand, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that this would add $2,100 to a car’s base price. On the other, according to the Consumer Federation of America, with the earlier 56-mpg revision consumers would save over $6,000 in gasoline costs throughout the car’s lifetime.

As you can tell, even with a revised CAFE target the debate won’t be over anytime soon.

[Source: TheDetroitNews]


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