Work Your Butt Off For The $25,000 Ferrari Office Chair

Work Your Butt Off For The $25,000 Ferrari Office Chair

You’ve got an extra $25,000 sitting around – what are you going to do with it? If you appreciate a good seat, you can always blow it on the new Ferrari office chair.

Offering you some supreme cushioning for your booty, Ferrai’s new office chairs come in black alcantara over a carbon fiber shell and black and red leather over a carbon fiber shell. Inspired by the seats in the F430 Scuderia 16M, these chairs feature an ergonomic shape and only 499 of the beauties will be made.

As for it being worth 25K, it does come with a few stylish elements that could justify the expense. After all, the headrest comes with an embroidered prancing horse logo in red thread and an opening for shoulder racing belts. You can title the back with a carbon fiber knob found on the side of the seat and its seat base features a deep and comfortable back. And in case you were wondering, the model shown in the photo above does not come with the chair.

[Source: RaceChairs]

  • Chairman

    O.K. here is my plan, for most of us that can’t afford or are responsible enough not to blow 25K on an office chair there are some alternative options to attain one of these chairs. Option #1 wait for the next big bank or corporation to bite the dust and purchase the chair cheap at auction. (If you find your chair this way, chances are you already paid for a portion of it with Bailout money so don’t feel bad about negotiating down the price.) Option#2 Follow your favorite reckless celebrity, athlete or politician who purchased one of these chairs and wait. In time they will be caught doing something horrible and chances are will be listing there stuff on Craigslist. and finally Option #3 may take a while since these chairs are new, but look for used or wrecked chairs. With a little reconditioning or some aftermarket market parts from China your chair should be up and running in no time!