2012 Honda Accord Tries To Outshine The Recently Released Toyota Camry

2012 Honda Accord Tries To Outshine The Recently Released Toyota Camry

With the debut of the all new 2012 Toyota Camry yesterday (review here), Honda’s Accord soldiers on for another model year mostly unchanged save for the addition of a Special Edition (SE) trim level. All Accord models will also receive a USB audio interface for 2012.

The Honda Accord will also receive four engine variations , with the base 177-hp 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine in the LX,LX-P and SE sedans. Next is the 190-hp 2.4-liter 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC engine that’s standard in the EX and EX-L sedan. The top of the line 3.5-liter 24-valve SOHC, i-VTEC V6 engine produces 271-hp and is available  in the EX and EX-L.

Transmission choices vary between engine and trim level choices. There is a 5-speed automatic transmission standard for all 4-cylinder and V6 models. A 6-speed manual transmission will be available exclusively for the Accord V6 Coupe. The 4-cylinder Accord with the 5-speed automatic transmission will rank as the most fuel efficient model, achieving 23 mpg city and 34 mpg highway for a combined 27 mpg rating.

Honda’s Satellite-Linked Navigation System is available on the EX-L model and has an 8-inch screen and an interface dial for user input. The 2012 Accord sedan also earned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s best-possible Overall Vehicle Score 1 of 5 stars.

  • Mike from Toronto Kanada

    HONDA…..you make very good cars!!!!!!!!!! Just keep truckin’!

  • saab

    This is the best North American Accord you’ve made aside from the fourth and sixth generation. Please don’t ruin it like you did to the 2012 Honda Civic. Also, it would be nice if ou could have a manual transmission for the V6 sedan along with the coupe.

  • Rob

    Honda VCM erratic shifting has turned me off this car…

  • Joseph Tan

    Honda sucks! I had my Accord in and out of the service center 12 times this year (2012) and still have occasional roughness and jerking at certain speeds with rattles appearing here and there!!!

  • Steve Parks

    The 2012 Accord hasn’t come out yet dick head. Smoke another blunt.

  • Larry

    WHY does somebody ALWAYS have to bitch! WHY! Usually when they do, they make an ass out of themselves by saying something stupid.

  • Justin

    Freddy Died in 1991 you bastards

  • Emerson Lee

    Looked every where, checked everyone, just cannot find a Manual Transmission for the 4 door Accord 2011 or 2012
    Knowing Toyota Camrys 2012 no longer come with Manual, Honda should take the monopoly chance and hit the market with more manuals.
    Someone here wrote Honda should put out V6 manuals,I would be happy if Honda would just put out 4 cyclinder Manuals.

    I won’t be suprise if the supply and demand ratio is at a 1:5
    Oh Well, can’t expect all to have taken economics 101
    Obviously, Honda management never did.


  • frank

    What is with a manual trans People!!!!

  • sun

    I bet my 2010 camry v6 always -always beats the latest accord v6 sedan in 0-60 sprints.

  • melissa

    I don’t care what anyone says, a honda is the best out there, no car beats it…they will run for years and years, there engine is like no other,they are the best, simple as that!

  • TheManInDboX

    I would have bought an Accord sedan, but i want a loaded car, leather, the whole nine, with a stick, there was no option for one so i bought a BMW. I would never buy an automatic, so Toyota lost my sale years ago with the last V6 Camry with a stick being in the 90’s, then the Accord took over, until, yup no stick.. Now i hear the guy up there with the “what’s with a manual” well to some of us, we like to drive our cars, not have it just be a boring slush box to float around in.. Toyota and Honda have really turned there nice sized cars into Buick’s.. Yawn!

  • Jr

    I love my base 2012 Honda accord LX Celestial Blue. I sold my daughters 2005 subaru legacy and gave her my 2005 accord ex. I loved the 05 accord ex so I bought another Honda accord. I love the bullet proof engine. The 5 speed tranny and engine is all the response or power you will need in a mid size car. Better then the 2012 Sonata or 2012 Mazda 6, 2012 Camry. I feel like an old man driving a camry.

    Gas is great on the 2012 accord. And very roomy, I’m 6 feet tall.

    Go Honda

    Jr 🙂

  • Steve Parks

    I am looking for a base model accord like the one Jr above just purchased. Was at the dealership today and was told that they would only be making $400 on the deal. Seems impossible for this to be the case. I work at a sporting goods store and we sometimes make this much on a single piece of exercise equipment. Would be great if someone who works/worked at a dealership to post what dealerships actually make on a car. Heard there are hidden manufacturer to dealer rebates.


  • Smoog

    Hope the rear visiblity is better than the Crosstour slit!

    I could not care less about Manual. It really isn’t important.

    What matters is my 2008 Accord is the finest car I’ve ever driven.

  • Dorothy Jackson

    Just upgraded from 09 Accord Exl to 2012 v-6 and I love my Honda even more. It drives almost as smooth as our Mercedes. This is our 5th Honda and in my opinion Toyotas are left behind.I have driven them as rentals and hated them.GO HONDA!!

  • John Caron

    I found a Honda Accord EXL 2008 with 31000 km,including the extended garantee,at the price of $18000,00 do you think it is a good price for that car,and would it be a good car to buy


    2012 Camry vs Accord (and all others)-Camry! Smoother/quieter on our garbage roads, better mileage for 2012 by a little, 10 air bags, a little less expensive, 25k care this year and a little nicer interior now with more comfortable seats! Close call though! Note: Fusions are made in Mexico as are Silverados! Honda and Toyota are as American as they get!