Acura TSX Might Be Dropped from Lineup in Product Shuffle

Acura TSX Might Be Dropped from Lineup in Product Shuffle

When the Acura TSX first went on sale in North America it broke with convention, proving a luxury sports sedan could not only use a 4-cylinder, but also be front-wheel drive. Having grown in size since then it’s lost some of its charm.

Rather than re-invent the car, Acura may look to delete it completely from the brand’s North American lineup as part of a new model strategy.

Acura is looking to introduce a Civic-based RSX sedan to North America, which would result in the brand having two smaller front-wheel drive sedans – which is perhaps one too many. In addition, Acura’s plans call for the TL to shrink in size, to avoid so much competition with the flagship RL. As a result of these changes the TSX could get squeezed out of the lineup.

If there is one thing that could save the TSX it’s that it is based on the Euro-market Honda Accord and therefore much of the R&D expense is already covered.

Honda hasn’t confirmed if it will axe the TSX, but it is one decision being considered.

[Source: Automotive News via CNET]

  • Joe D.

    Acura has lost their way. The TL is big and ugly, the TSX is a small Accord for the same price as a fully loaded Accord which is bigger, and who cares about the RL when Lexus, BMW, Audi, and MB offer much better cars at the price…..

    The Legend, Integra, and 2nd gen CL coupe and TL sedan are the best cars in Acura’s history. Honda must either refocus the division to build cars like those again, or completely reinvent the division with at least ONE RWD V8. Otherwise it is full of cars that no one wants because they don’t compete with other marques in the same price range, or are just high priced emulations of Hondas and many people see no difference with them.

    Why on earth would anyone buy a $35k TL when a fully loaded Accord EX-L V6 sedan is bigger, $32k, and still has every luxury feature the TL has? And it looks better!

  • Kyle

    Actually the TL has far more features than Accord.

  • Shane Murphy

    Obviously none of you have driven the RL as the SHAWD makes it superb in handling.