Resto-Mod ’58 Corvette Roadster With LT1 350 Powerplant is Automotive Fine Art

Resto-Mod ’58 Corvette Roadster With LT1 350 Powerplant is Automotive Fine Art

We’ve seen a lot of resto-mod projects, but this one may be the finest one yet. Starting with one of the most timeless body styles ever, a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster, the restoration project involved giving it a new-generation Corvette LT1 powerplant and suspension on a custom frame. The result is a 300-hp classic featuring a pristine body, immaculate leather interior and a rad set of 18-inch Intro wheels that fit the classic design quite well.

The transformation began by un-bolting the car from its frame and having it sodium-blasted to remove all its factory defects, not to mention the wear-and-tear from over 50 years of existence. From there, the entire body was restored to a silky smooth finish prior to being bolted to a custom round tube frame. It then received a custom Spectrum Color-developed turquoise with traditional white coves giving it a classic-car appearance.

Then a custom frame was built to house the new powertrain, featuring a modern Corvette LT1 Generation II 350 motor with a cast-iron block and aluminum heads. The color-matched LT1 plastic engine cover is a subtle but fantastic touch to show off the engine.

On the inside, genuine leather adorns the cabin with a color-matched scheme. Replacing the age-old steering wheel is an aluminum counterpart from Grant while a Lokar transmission shifter takes center stage.

The classic is currently for sale at $119,900 which seems like a bargain given the three years of hard work put into restoring the project and its estimated cost of over $200,000.

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