Bentley Sunglasses Probably Cost More Than Your Car

Bentley Sunglasses Probably Cost More Than Your Car

Block the sun’s rays with the new Bentley sunglasses. But keep your eyes on them at all times, because you can’t afford to misplace them.

Made from 18 karat gold, the Bentley sunglasses do more than just give you an air of supreme coolness. They were designed to complement the Bentley Mulsanne, and if you can afford that luxe sedan (it comes with a price tag of $285,000), you can probably afford the sunglasses.

Starting in price from about $16,285 for the gold frame sunglasses, if you upgrade to the platinum frames, you can expect to pay $50,500. Both versions feature hand-crafted knurling along the ear pieces, along with an enameled Bentley B and a case that uses the same quality cowhide as the car’s seats. To protect your peepers, its lenses offer 100-percent ultraviolet protection.

You can’t just buy these sunglasses anywhere – you need to get them custom-ordered. You can buy them now in Russia and China, and later this year, you can purchase them in the U.K., U.S., and Middle East.


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