BMW 328 Homage Honors the Original at Pebble Beach

BMW 328 Homage Honors the Original at Pebble Beach

First unveiled at the ‘other’ concours (Ville d’Este), the BMW 328 Homage concept made an appearance at Pebble Beach along side its muse. Taking the finest details of the 1930’s race car and applying them to an ultra-modern design concept, the 328 Homage weighs just 1,700 lbs thanks to an extensive use of carbon fiber.

Key similarities between the two vehicles include the elongated BMW grille and the dish wheels, while the Homage has a notable absence of doors, much like the original 328 race car.

Like the new M5, BMW has promised an official world premiere for the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, however, both cars have made the trip to Pebble Beach.

GALLERY: BMW 328 Homage

BMW 328 Homage 01.JPGBMW 328 Homage 04.JPGBMW 328 Homage 05.JPGBMW 328 Homage 06.JPGBMW 328 Homage 13.JPGBMW 328 Homage 11.JPG


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