BMW May Revive 5-Series Wagon For America

BMW May Revive 5-Series Wagon For America

With the passing of the Volvo V70 and VW Passat in North America, European wagons are becoming harder to come by. But BMW is considering bringing the 5-Series Touring back to our shores to make up for disappointing 5-Series Gran Turismo sales figures.

Nothing has been confirmed, however some sources have learned that the comeback may be a strong possibility. Sales of the 5-Series GT haven’t been particularly exceptional, but the model outsold the previous 5-Series Touring since its arrival last year, even with its controversial appearance and mundane reception.

GALLERY: BMW 5-Series Touring


[Source: Autoblog]

  • Ray

    BMW’s E34 wagon has to be one of my favorites. All the design’s after the E34 slowly started to lose their bold look.

  • Annie

    Bringing the 5 series Touring to America would be the best decision BMW could make. There are no decent wagons on the market, that are large enough to warrant a practical wagon. Please bring it back in 2013.

  • NK

     I totally agree – Bring back the 5 series Touring in 2013, Please!

  • LVC

    Yes, please bring this back…with a third row seat option!  I have the 3 series BMW wagon…love it!  It’s a great size to drive compared to the huge SUVs.  My biggest complaints are: 1) I would love the 3rd row seat option when I am taking extra kids; and 2) need a bigger trunk space.

  • Kantcant

    I had a 2006 5-series wagon and LOVED it.  My favorite car of all time.  Fast, fun, functional.  I am a Gen-Xer so I have no pathetic baby boomer hang ups when it comes to wagons. When we traded it in there was no choice but to go with the X5.  BMW no longer offered the wagon and personally I think GT is hideous and the X6 impractical for my family.  The X5 is fine but it never gives me the thrills that 5 series wagon did.  The build quality is B+/A- compared to the wagon which was A+.  You can just feel the difference between a car made in the states and one made in Germany.  PLEASE PLEASE BMW bring back the 5-series wagon by the 2014 model year.  And give it enough ground clearance so that I can drive home over pot holes in the city, very fast and precise on the highway, and not bottom out on the dirt roads up to our country house.  If its not there in 2014, you will lose the sale of 21 cars, as my two business partners and I always buy the same car and we have 7 more each to purchase until retirement (averaging a new one every 3/4 years)!  : )  

  • Trish_mckeever

    Bring back the 5 series wagon in 2013. The sooner the better. The X1 is not a supstitute. I have driven a 5 series wagon for 10 years and i need a new one.

  • New23

    I still have my 2006 wagon with 125,000 miles on it. Looking around to reluctantly replace it.