BMW Posts Record Sales in July

BMW Posts Record Sales in July

Audi isn’t the only German company trumpeting its sales figures: crosstown competitor BMW set a record of its own last month, with 129,094 cars moved off its lots.

Those lots include BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce cars, with the latter surely being a drop in the figurative bucket. BMW Group counts all of these cars together to achieve this sales figure, which represents an increase of 7.6%.

“We have just reported the most successful July sales ever,” said Ian Robertson, a BMW board member, “the best ever sales result for the BMW Group. We are clearly benefitting from a very attractive product line-up which is finding success with customers right across the globe.”

BMW wants to set a record year for 2011, and they’re looking forward to reaching a 1.6 million sales figure by the end of the year. In America, sales increased in July 2011 from 26,120 vehicles from July 2010’s figure of 23,390, or 11.7%, netting it the title of best-selling premium carmaker in America. Chinese growth was triple that: a 36.1% increase from 13,852 to 18,858 cars.

Germany had about the same level as the year before—a 0.8% increase, but at least it’s not a slide. And in markets like Brazil, Russia, India, and Korea, sales increased by double-digit percents.