Carroll Shelby Reacts To Sexual Assault Allegations

Carroll Shelby Reacts To Sexual Assault Allegations

Carroll Shelby (or rather, his well-lubricated PR machine) has responded to the charges of rape and employment hostility raised by former secretary Angelica Smith, labeling the lawsuit “frivolous.”

Shelby claims that Smith was fired not because she went to him with charges of rape (from another employee), but because The Shelbster simply didn’t need a secretary anymore. The company will fight the allegations to the end.

The full statement reads: “Carroll Shelby is disappointed that such wild and fantastical allegations have been made by a former employee.  The fact is that her position was no longer required due to Mr. Shelby’s age, health and work schedule.   But this apparently disgruntled former employee and her counsel have chosen to turn this into yet another prematurely publicized, frivolous lawsuit against a public figure.  Carroll Shelby has full confidence in the judicial system and believes that the truth will come out through the legal process.”

  • Steven jones

    It is unreal that people are so horrible and cruel as to want to smear an american icons name
    Like this women is trying to do .Her position was no longer needed as Mr Shelby said and she did not
    Like it and so she knows that Mr Shelby is a wealthy man and so she is trying to get money .My opinion is
    Shame on you lady for trying too do that to such a good man as Mr Shelby and the laugh is Going to be on you.
    Dont worry about any of this Mr Selby this lie will pass Me and everyone in Texas love ya

    Steve j