Chevrolet To Launch Spark Subcompact In First Half Of 2012

Chevrolet To Launch Spark Subcompact In First Half Of 2012

Today, General Motors confirmed that the Chevrolet Spark subcompact will be sold in the U.S. The Spark goes into production this month as the smallest car sold by Chevrolet. The General Motors executive director of North American production communications, Jason Laird, confirmed that the vehicle will launch between January to June 2012 as a 2013 model.

The Spark is currently selling in Asian countries and has been a very important model for Chevrolet in the global mini car segment. Laird explained that the “Spark minicar will give Chevrolet A-B-C-D-E segment coverage for first time in [the] U.S.” The Spark fits in the A segment, the Sonic fits in the B segment, the Cruze fits in the C segment, the Malibu fits in the D segment and the Impala fits in the E segment.

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[Source: Green Car Reports]

  • Paul

    Great news!!! I didn’t think it would actually come true, have been speculating for this car for the longest time. Its good to see that GM finally is figuring out the US would love a car like this and the Sonic. We have been discussing for months over at whether or not this car would come out. Guess I will get to tell them the good news 🙂

  • Carl

    Looking at the interior photo as well as others found online it appears Spark offers premium features like Auto Climate control at least as an option. In early photos of Sonic in European form it did too. Let’s hope they don’t pull this option from Spark!
    It’s one thing if a car don’t offer premium features like this, however I hate how many cars do but they refuse to offer it in the USA. If it’s already available as an option I don’t see how it could hurt to at least offer it. Same with other features GM has limited to larger cars in the past like leather. While there at it there is no reason why every car shouldn’t have H.I.D. lights available at least as an accessory.
    I speak for all cars!