Chevrolet Volt Losing The Interest Of Consumers

Chevrolet Volt Losing The Interest Of Consumers

Along with the Nissan LEAF it’s the most hyped car of recent times, yet for all the hoopla and publicity surrounding the Chevy Volt it appears that interest in GM’s extended range electric car is starting to wane.

According CNW Market Research, recent statistics bear this out. In March, more than 21 percent of so-called ‘early adopters,’ said they were likely to consider the vehicle. By July that number had dropped to just 14.6 percent.  It’s a similar story with ‘electric vehicle enthusiasts.’ In March, around 25 percent considered buying the Volt, now the total is down to just 17 percent.

And in fact, according to CNW; in just about every category, new car buyers  today are less likely to consider the Volt than at any time during it’s history. The big reason? The car’s rather steep MSRP. It seems most people whether enthusiasts or not just aren’t willing to fork out 40 grand for a Volt, even with incentives.

With findings like this, could  it be a sign that the electric vehicle craze  is running its course? Right now, it’s too early to tell, but there are indications that EVs may not be the solution  some automakers originally thought they would be.

[Source: USA Today]

  • Ron Nelson

    For 40 grand I’ll buy the Tesla Model S. A much better option, range of 300 miles. American made. GM sat on their collective asses too long with this one. For 24 grand you can get a Prius hybrid. All that stimulus money didn’t make them any smarter!

  • Ken Burridge

    Sorry to say that CNW can’t really be trusted remember they also reported that Prius uses more energy than Hummer awhile back. Editor-in-Chief (

  • pjkPA

    Toyota sold 1,ooo of the Prius the first year… GM sold 4,000 Volts the first short model year.. they just revamped the factory to triple production. They are now on track to sell 10,000 this year and 60,000 next year. Every car they build is sold .. the batteries are the limiting factor right now .. new plants are being built right now.

    Every Major manufacturer has plans for a vehicle to compete with the Chevy Volt… Every Manufacturer is building cars to meet the demand. volume will lower the price..

    Ignorance and yellow journalism only makes journalists look bad.

    The Volt is looking good to over 128,000 SAE automotive engineers around the world who voted the Volt as the best engineered automobile IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

  • CA

    Prius is still way ahead of everyone.
    Probably too late for volt to catch up.
    Volt needs to drop 15K to even try to compete with Prius.

    My Prius is a second car and some of my friends have Prius as a main car.
    And , everyone has nothing but good to say about their car.
    One friend went from a Mercury Mountaineer getting 14 mpg to the Prius getting 50.2 mpg.
    Those numbers are pretty hard to beat. When he needs an SUV for a day or two, he just rents one.
    Pretty hard to beat a car costing $22,000 to $27,000 and saving a fortune at the pump.
    And, Toyota has a 10 year head start on everyone in perfecting their Prius in real time driving..

  • Electro Joe

    Ok, so this has two sides to it:
    1. GM still stands for Government Motors. Until they make good on their financial obligation this label will stay with them.
    2. The Volt is too small, it’s not all electric, it’s overpriced, and it’s kinda ugly like most if the vehicles on the road have become in recent times. Nevermind the drivetrain, Auto manufacturers are losing us as a whole.

    So let’s go to our roots and what works? Racing… Racing sells vehicles. It has for years! Why reinvent the wheel just because of a drivetrain that is electric??? Please STOP thinking we need these ridiculous spaceship looking crap wagons and offer full electric performance lines in vehicles we already are in love with. Example: the Camaro, Mustang, corvette, WRX, SVT, Jeep Wrangler, etc. These are just a few examples.

    I recently reserved a Brammo Empulse 10. It is an electric superbike, go check into it. On august 29th I have an appointment with the local Fisker dealership to test drive the Fisker Karma(sweet ride), and in September an appointment to test drive the Tesla Model S. Which is not $40k lime the guy above said it is actually $57k for the 200 mile range Model S and $78k for the extended range 345mile Model S. Just want to set the fact straight.

    Also @ the author – I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t jump to conclusions based on a poll of the Chevy Volt, it’s not even full electric and it’s “hisory” as you stated is less than 6 months and is only available in some markets. There has been absolutely no advertisements on TV to my knowledge along with the Volt still taking the backseat to other models on the dealers websites. Along with the fact that we still haven’t forgotten GM is only around cause our taxes paid for it. This is a fundamental roadblock GM is having with conservatives.

    Let’s stay focused people:
    1. Reduce or eliminate Foreign oil.
    2. Ignite economic development on a local level with this new technology.
    3. Fueling up with electricity Creates jobs for us and our neighbors.
    4. It’s cleaner and in most cases more fun and stimulating to drive.
    5. We don’t have to import electricity to charge them.
    6. Electric drive cost about $0.03 per mile versus my F150 that costs me $0.35 per mile.
    7. No more grimey gas station fill ups or greasy oil changes.

  • Soapy Johnson

    After the disaster that was February’s Chevrolet Volt 400 disaster, not at all surprising …

  • Bobolink

    Consider the source. According a previous headline grabbing CNW Market Research report, a Hummer costs less per mile to operate than a Prius. Anyone who can think critically will laugh at that conclusion. Now, despite EV’s like the Volt being sold out with waiting lists, they make another headline bid for relevancy. And once again, anyone who can think critically will laugh at that conclusion.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Good luck getting one, wait in line. I’ve been waiting 11 months….