Chevy Cruze Diesel Targeting 50-MPG

Chevy Cruze Diesel Targeting 50-MPG

GM may be looking to brand its new Chevy Cruze Diesel as a performance option for enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean it won’t deliver impressive fuel economy. In fact, quite the opposite, with the new oil burner, due out next year, targeted at the lofty 50-mpg mark.

Aimed directly at the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the Cruze diesel will get the same powerplant offered in Europe, with a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder making nearly identical numbers with 147 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. In Europe the car gets 42-mpg with a 5-speed manual or 36-mpg with an automatic. Those numbers are rather misleading, however, as they’re based on the less strict European test cycle, however, they’re also a “combined” number, averaging out the very high highway mpg rating and the less impressive city number.

“If we’re getting 42 (mpg) on the Eco, we’ll do better on the diesel,” a source tells Ward’s Automotive. “You could envision 50 mpg.”

While the Cruze diesel is expected to cost a premium (priced a few thousand above a comparable gasoline model), according to diesel parts supplier Bosch, the technology pays for itself within just 18 months of purchase.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]

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  • hysiesel

    Allready notified my dealer, I want to order one as soon as they are available. After visiting Qoogle site ( VW TDI consumer complaints) site I don’t think I would ever order a VW.

  • Myshiba

    Count me in too!

  • ChrisW

    The Cruze is certainly interesting. trust me you don’t want a VW TDI. my has been sitting in the driveway for a year as nobody can fix it…including the dealer. paying for itself in 18 months is highly optimistic. Don’t get me wrong, 6 years of VW TDI has taught one thing (OK 2 things) I want another turbo diesel…badly! And it won’t be a VW.
    I am waiting for Mazda. The CX5 is due out early 2013 with diesel POWER! and maybe the Mazda 6. whether you are a fan of Mazda or not given the choice of an American car with an Italian diesel or a Japanese vehicle designed and built completely by Mazda, its no contest. I’ll be testing the Cruze but buying the Mazda.
    One last thing. Diesels consistantly beat the EPA ratings for fuel economy. so don’t rule out 50+ mpg (US gallons). Whereas the gas Cruze can’t get close to its advertised economy. Something to think about!

  • josh

    This is pretty exciting, and good for GM that they’re going diesel. 50 MPG is easily attainable in a non-hybrid given our current technology. The VW TDIs are awesome – haven’t had any issues with mine, and it gets 45+ on the highway. It will be good for the markets to have some American competition for the hypermilers who don’t want to drive a spaceship (sorry Prius owners).

  • John

    I haven’t had any issues with the VW TDI Jetta either and would recommend it to anyone. As Josh, we get 43/45 on the highway and 36 or so around town. Diesels need to break in to get better mileage so the us test are a bit skewed because they only allow new engines in their testing program. At highway speeds handles like our lexus 350. I am however keeping my eye on the Cruze offering too. Its about time US manufactor’s got into the diesel game. I hope soon the 1500 truck lines will go this way.

  • Nathan

    If it can burn 100% biodiesel, I’m in. Stupit VW can’t do it.