Chrysler Re-Recalling 376,000 Minivans For Airbag Defect

Chrysler Re-Recalling 376,000 Minivans For Airbag Defect

Owners of Dodge‘s 2008 Grand Caravan, Chrysler‘s 2008 Town and Country (or Voyager) should keeping their eyes out for a recall letter to be sent out next month. Those who receive it may feel like they’re in familiar territory since this is the second recall for a similar issue on the 2008 minivans. Earlier this year a recall was issued because of the possibility that water from the air conditioner could leak onto the electronics, causing the airbag light to go off or even set off the bags.

The repair done to the affected vehicles earlier this year was a drain grommet replacement to help fix the leak. Unfortunately, Chrysler’s engineers have discovered that moisture may have caused damage to the chip circuit boards in the earlier recalled vans, causing issues with their performance. As a result, Chrysler is issuing yet another recall to those vehicles in order to inspect and possibly replace the circuit boards altogether.

Thankfully no reports of accidents or injuries as a result of this defect are known. The vast majority of the affected minivans are in the United States, with over 50,000 in Canada, close to 4,000 in Mexico and a little over 13,500 in other countries.


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