Craiglist Killer Caught with Victim’s Car Parts on His Own Nissan 350Z

Craiglist Killer Caught with Victim’s Car Parts on His Own Nissan 350Z

Jealousy over aftermarket parts is believed to be the motive in a bizarre murder case just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dao Xiong is said to have wanted the modifications off Youa Lor’s Nissan 350Z so much that he murdered the man for the parts. After finding the victim’s listing on Craiglist, the accused allegedly shoot Lor in the stomach, before stripping his vehicle of its parts. The accused then installed some of the parts, including the stereo and the shifter, in his own car.

As though that evidence wasn’t enough for the prosecution, Xiong’s DNA was also found on the stripped car, while a .40 caliber handgun, believed to be the murder weapon, was located hidden in his house with his DNA on it. And if one smoking gun isn’t enough, here’s the real kicker: also inside Xiong’s house was the hood off the victim’s 350Z sports car, complete with hand-drawings of his four children as well as their favorite cartoon characters.

Charged with premeditated first degree murder, if convicted, Dao Xiong could face 40 years in prison.

[Source: TwinCities]

  • KNT

    a shifter ? really ?

  • Nikki

    Oh, two hours away from where I live…lovely


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