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 |  Aug 22 2011, 10:59 AM

You don’t have to drive to work in a Porsche to impress your coworkers. The new Porsche mouse pad and mouse will be the talk of the water cooler and the envy of fellow cubicle dwellers.

Designed in the Porsche studio at Weissach, the new mouse pad takes its cue from the automaker’s luxury vehicles, using the same leather found in the cars’ interiors.  Sporting an embossed logo at its top, the mouse pad is shaped in the form of a Porsche crest. The mouse pad retails for $100.

The perfect complement to the mouse pad is the new mouse. Taking its inspiration from the Porsche 911, the mouse is adorned with the Porsche logo. It’s PC- and Mac-compatible, and comes with an aluminum scroll wheel, high resolution 2,000 dpi sensor, 2.4 GHz technology and plug-and-play installation. The mouse also retails for $100.

You can order both online at Porsche Design Driver’s Selection.