Dartz FR Wraps A Ferrari F430 With Black Leather Vinyl

Dartz FR Wraps A Ferrari F430 With Black Leather Vinyl

Dartz FR is taking the world by storm with their amazing wrap jobs, with their recent chrome red Bugatti Veyron catching our eye. This time around, they’ve taken a Ferrari F430 and wrapped the entire exterior with black leather vinyl.

Yep, forget matte black, this 4.3L V8-equipped Italian exotic now roams the streets garnering plenty of looks and stares thanks to its unique finish. The F430 project was a collaboration between Dartz FR and MS Motors, one of their partners in car sales and custom parts.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen leather-wrapped cars, having spotted this leather-wrapped BMW X6 in the past. We’re certain it won’t be the last either, but we’re curious as to when (not if) this “craze” will hit the Stateside and how popular it’ll become.

[Source: GT Spirit]

GALLERY: Dartz Leather Wrapped Ferrari F430

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