Dealership Refuses To Honor Nissan GT-R Ebay Sale

Dealership Refuses To Honor Nissan GT-R Ebay Sale

Xou Vang thought he scored a sweet deal on eBay: $55,100 for a 2009 Nissan GT-R with just 36,069 miles on the clock. But Honda of San Marcos, Texas, is refusing to honor the sale, pressuring Vang to pay the full $59,000 sticker—and violating eBay’s stringent rules in the process.

As of yesterday, the GT-R is still listed on the dealership’s inventory at $62,674. While a three grand reduction off the price is impressive enough, it still isn’t what Vang is legally bound to pay. He called the dealership repeatedly, arranging a deposit and a time to pick up the car, which the dealership refused. A sales manager told Vang.

“So he kept telling me he will not sell it as he has the rights to not sell this car,” said Vang, “as eBay is not a contract and eBay has fine small prints that says dealers are exempt and they do not have to sell the vehicle. I asked him where was this and he was unable to point me to the information where he is finding this small print.”

Vang wisely contacted as many offices as he could: eBay, the Better Business Bureau, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, Texas Attorney’s Office, and the Federal Trade Commission. But he lives all the way in Anchorage, Alaska, and the idea of making the trek down south makes him feel “hopeless, since I have no one to turn to,” he said. For now, however, he’s got his comrades at My350Z Forums, and as we’ve learned time and time again from similar cases—don’t underestimate the power of the Internet.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

  • b4z

    The dealer can make that $4K “loss” up on the next 2 customers.
    They need to man up and take the deal they agreed to. If I were the
    Buyer I’d take it to the local media and if that doesn’t work, sue him.
    And if the dealer is willing to sell it for $59K there may not even be a “loss” at a $55K sales price.

  • Mark Deutsch

    I do eBay postings for many dealers in the Northeast. Looks like this Honda dealer made the mistake of not putting a reserve price on the auction. If they did, and the high(winning)bid exceeded that reserve, then shame on them.
    In either case, the winning bid was close enough so that honoring the sale would have been less costly than what has thus far very publicly ensued.

    -mark deutsch

  • John M

    Ebay Item number: 220910299157
    They’re doing it to me right now and what really messed up is that they said they have over 70K in the car when they told no they would’nt sell it to me and they’re asking 77k but my buddy that’s a dealer actually found the auction results where they bought it in Florida on Nov 1st for $60,325.00 . How would you feel if you’ve bought a car from Lund Cadillac and then found that out? Make you wonder how bad they got you would’nt it? It’s a 4-5k loser and I intend to push it till they sell it to me.