Eibenstock Luxury Key Box: The Ultimate Storage Accessory

Eibenstock Luxury Key Box: The Ultimate Storage Accessory

If you own a luxury automobile, you just can’t throw your keys on the kitchen counter or shove them in your pocket. You need to store them in the manner to which they have become accustomed to – rest them lovingly in a luxury key box made by Eibenstock.

The Germany company’s boxes keep your custom-made key safe and comfortable in these hand-crafted storage systems that are matched specifically with your car. Yep – they’re made to match the exact shade and texture of your car, whether it’s the exterior color or the interior leather. We’re guessing this is so the keys don’t feel separation anxiety when away from the car for any given amount of time. The boxes themselves are mostly made of stainless steel, and they are also fitted with special plates that can be engraved.

Open the lid of this Eibenstock box to find a matching leather interior – just like the one you enjoy in your fine automobile. Giving it a superior sheen, the boxes are painted with multiple coats of metallic paints and finished with a double clear lacquer. You can also choose to add on the push-up feature – this allows for storage space under the inner plate, a perfect place to keep your vehicle papers.

Starting in price from $570, they go up in price once you start adding on… kind of like a luxury vehicle would.

[Source: Born Rich]

  • Knight XV

    How do I get this key box? Who is the manufacturer?

  • Amy T

    Try this site: http://www.key-box-factory.com. It’s in German, but there is a contact (Kontact) link at the bottom of the page. Try sending them a message and let us know if it works.