For $16,000, Send Your Luxury Car To The Car Spa For A Week

For $16,000, Send Your Luxury Car To The Car Spa For A Week

You have so much money, you don’t know what to do with it. We’d like to offer a suggestion: send your car to the spa. The price tag: A mere £10,000 a week (roughly $16,000).

The “in” thing for car lovers to do seems to be to send their precious automobiles to the “Car Spa,” otherwise known as the Monza Ultimate Detailing and Protection Company in Dubai. To give your car the special treatment (and for that price, we hope it gets a “happy ending”), the service uses the latest in nano-technology to give expensive cars the luxe treatment. It takes a week to complete, and no bare human finger will ever touch the body of the car to ensure perfection.

For the detailing process, the spa uses special microscopic cleaners that remove dirt not visible to the eye. Upholstery is cleaned times before it gets a natural oil rub down, which promotes extra sheen and finishing. To ensure there are no holograms (patches left behind by regular car washes), the spa won’t lay a bare finger on the car during the exterior wash.

If you’ve got a Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini or Jaguar, feel free to bring it in for a week-long pampering session. Right now, most of the customers are British nationals who have shifted base to Dubai, but that doesn’t mean North Americans aren’t welcome. If you’ve got the cash to fly your luxury automobile over there, we’re pretty sure you won’t need to book an appointment to this spa.

[Source: Born Rich]