Ford Mustang Transmission Problems, As Shown By Owners [Video]

Ford Mustang Transmission Problems, As Shown By Owners [Video]

We reported on Ford’s investigation and potential recall of its 2011 and 2012 V6-engined Mustangs, which have developed problems with the 6-speed manual transmission. Now here’s what they’re actually like, as recorded by Ford customers.

The videos show an inability to grasp second or third gear with the clutch depressed. At speeds, the gears grind in 2nd and 3rd when the driver lets off the gas. When downshifting from 3rd to 2nd, the gear fails to grab at all. More dangerously, the transmission sometimes locks out upon acceleration at 70 mph, causing the rear end to lose traction. The 6-speed transmissions are all made by Getrag, which has supplied Ford for years.

V8 Mustang transmissions have a skip-shift feature, forcing drivers to shift into 4th on low acceleration to save gas. But these are V6-engined cars that don’t carry the feature, and some of these cars have had their transmissions replaced once before. Some of these transmissions are bolted to new cars with just 5,000 miles; Ford has refused to honor the warranty the second time around, citing “abuse.” Lots of frustrated owners are sharing their stories—enough for Ford to conduct an investigation of their own, they hope. Click the jump to see more wanton acts of transmission “abuse.”

[Source: Mustang Source Forums]

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  • max

    the vids are of the v8s not the v6.

    mustang gt = v8

    get it right

  • tiremeltingrsx

    reminds me of the RSX 2-3 grind

  • chkflg6

    Manual tranny , made in China thats the problem, look on dealer sticker content of components, engine USA transmission China, Thanks for the piece of crap Ford.

  • Hal

    Ford does not honor its warrenties at all!

    I bought a new 2002 Focus from a Peninsula dealership with the standard 3-year warranty, plus a 6-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty for an extra $, 1200. Upon delivery, I complained of a burnt oil smell inside the car. I was told it was “normal, ” and it would go away in time. Upon the first oil change, I again complained about the oil smell, and was again given the “its normal” response. Next oil change, same story. I switched to a Concord dealership. Made the same complaint; got the same response. In 2006, I had a broken power window; Ford refused to cover under warranty, until I screamed, literally.

    At the oil change just after the 6-year bumper-to-bumper warranty expired, I am told the car has a leaky value cover gasket, that “it’s a fire hazard, your life’s in danger”, and “it needs to be fixed immediately.” After the $400 fix, surprise, no more burnt oil smell. Ford’s warranties proved to be worthless, and they didn’t mind putting my life at risk for that extra $1200 that got from me.

  • Thenixter

    Mustang fail.  Camaro FTW.  It may be made in Canada, but GM reports not a single person reported a Camaro problem.  A Chevy salesman told me.

  • michelle

    my 6 speed nissan versa does the same thing from 2 to 3. Nissan is trying to say abuse as well – new car 2012 its frustrating.