Former Steelers Coach Sells His Mercedes-Benz SL500 For $20

Former Steelers Coach Sells His Mercedes-Benz SL500 For $20

Coaches for major NFL teams aren’t known for their generosity, but  Ray Horton is a little different. The former secondary coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers left a rather nice gift to one of the teams cafeteria workers.

On his last day of work at the Steelers , Horton parked his red 1999 Mercedes-Benz SL500 and walked into the cafeteria. When he saw Maurice “Mo” Matthews, he walked up to him and asked him how much money he had in his pocket. Matthews answered that he had $20, to which Horton said “Sold for $20.”

To Matthews surprise, Horton had just given him his beloved SL500, which has 64,000 well cared for miles. Matthews, who had always admired Horton’s car, is still in shock.

The next day,Matthews dropped Horton at the airport, and Horton had all the paperwork ready with the title transferred to Matthews name.

Matthews commented on his good fortune and said, “I don’t think it has hit me yet. I still pinch myself. I look out the window when I bring it to work and I just go, ‘Man, that’s mine. People ask me what it needs, and I tell them it doesn’t need anything. All it needs is a driver.”

[Source: Post-Gazette]