Henry Rollins Tapped as the Voice of Infiniti [Video]

Henry Rollins Tapped as the Voice of Infiniti [Video]

Punk rocker, activist, and hipster-hating Henry Rollins is Infiniti‘s newest spokesman—but not for his punk cred.

Hardcore punk isn’t exactly Infiniti’s target demographic: rather, Rollins was picked for his deep, unmistakable voice. “Our first intention was to get the voice,” said Ben Poore, vice-president of Infiniti America. “To get the spirit with an interesting tonality. It had to be authoritative and at the same time stand out,” Poore said. “We listened to hundreds of voices, but they weren’t pushing the board enough.”

While Rollins won’t be in the videos explicitly—those sleeve tattoos might scare off the Tchaikovsky demographic—his voice has already been put to use in two Infiniti ads, both of which poke fun at Lexus. The former lead singer of Black Flag is like Infiniti in that they both shake up the status quo, said Poore. There may be some old-school Hermosa Beach guys that may take umbrage at that.

Click the jump to see the first of these ads.

[Source: Kicking Tires, Delaware Online]

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