Honda Recalls 1.5 Million Accord, CR-V and Element Models

Honda Recalls 1.5 Million Accord, CR-V and Element Models

Honda has launched a recall for about 1.5 million vehicles in the United States to update the software that controls the automatic transmission. The recall will include the 2005-10 4 cylinder Accord, 2007-10 CR-V and 2005-08 Element models. The issue surrounds a bearing in the automatic transmission system that was not built with sufficient strength and as a result, may emit abnormal noise or cause the engine to stall during certain gear shifts. The secondary shaft bearing in affected vehicles can be damaged if the transmission is quickly shifted between each of the reverse, neutral and drive positions. This is most likely done in an attempt to free a car stuck in mud or snow. The software update will ease the transition between gears to reduce the possibility of damage.

Honda will begin notifying customers on August 31.

  • Paul Schmid

    forward this recall information

  • H. Whitfield

    I have a 2007 CR-V and just found out that the rear camber arms need to be replaced for about $400.
    This appears to be engineering defect. Will Honda take care of this problem ?

  • Lifebalance714

    I have the same issue. I had a third party garage tell me that Honda didnt even make the replacement part kit yet. I was, needless to say, very confused. Hopefully more reply to this site as I would like to know who else has had this issue and what they did to resolve it