HummerHaus: A Modular Home Made Of Hummers

HummerHaus: A Modular Home Made Of Hummers

The architectural team of Craig Hodges and HsinMing Fung (the two founding architects of HPlusF) have taken on unique projects in the past, adding their style to the Hollywood Bowl and Egyptian Theater. For HPlusF’s latest architectural undertaking, they put a cool new spin on the Hummer brand by turning it into a home.

Dubbed the HummerHaus, this design is just a concept. The modular capsule-style dwelling features eight identical Hummer body shells that are wrapped around a steel skeleton. The duo was inspired by their love of innovative technology, and they used their background in industrial, theatrical and residential design to create this cool concept.

The HummerHaus comes equipped with a host of features, including 12 volt electrical systems, OEM refrigeration, heating, and media components. It also infuses eco-friendly components into the design, such as geothermal storage tanks, photo-voltaic cells, and soy insulation.

This concept is an innovative idea of how old vehicles could be repurposed once they are no longer fit for the roads. Would you live in a house made from recycled Hummers? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • G. Power

    Yes! Absolutely YES! My wife might hate it, but I would LOVE to live in a house made of Hummers. I would be living the dream.